Just your average abnormal gay trying to survive day-to-day in the STL. Bit of an oddball but hey, that's the way I like it.


Memories are strange. Sometimes they are blissful—sometimes filled with so much palpable pain. Sometimes they are created from scratch and sometimes suppressed to the point of extinction. They represent such a contrasting display of self-discipline because though the events portrayed have once been in your complete control, their repetition, their mental reincarnation, is completely beyond your power. It is fascinating to see what your subconscious deems significant. It is impossible to predict what your conscious mind will dwell on as you are lying in bed, darkness blinding your eyes to allow for your mind’s eye to share. It is proven though that the most accurate retelling of a story derives from many different memories, many different unfoldings of the same event, detailing its creation from every point of view, every level along the way. After all, humans live in communities; their lives intertwine; their personalities affect each other. Their memories are created in unison.


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